John Moore and Derick Brassard joking around after Brassard attempts a shot on goal.

Tyler seguin: haha just so everyone knows Jamie is with me
Tyler seguin: the jamie I am talking about is jamie benn
Tyler seguin: and we are friends
Tyler seguin: we are close friends
Tyler seguin: we have chemistry
Tyler seguin: I mean on the ice we have chemistry
Tyler seguin: Jamie loves me the most probably
Tyler seguin: I'm straight


ah it’s the time of the year where i recycle a graphic i made who-knows-when to show you a list of people i would probably say no to dinner with andrew ference for. they put up with my craziness all the time and support me and love me when i need it most; i dont know where i’d be without them. i don’t follow many people but the ones are all flawless; remember that, even if you’re not on here kids. anyway lets get this going


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This is literally my most favorite video on the internet

this song always makes me wanna cry it deadass has the most melancholy depressing melody/lyrics but after I saw this video I spit laughing everytime this song comes on the radio like who thought of this I wanna pay you


One Direction - Four

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I’m feeling something deep inside, hotter than a jet stream burning up. I got a feeling deep inside, it’s taking, it’s taking all I got, yeah, it’s taking, it’s taking all I got.



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